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Zenlink Community Carnival Season1 Winners Announced

Published date: September 30 2021

Zenlink Community Carnival Season 1 came to an end on September 19, so the much-anticipated winner announcement is here.

We received 6,000+ registration forms for the carnival, but unfortunately, most of them were just spam and did not send in their work submission forms on the deadline. However, it is gratifying to know that some members still made their contribution and sent in their work submission forms, and we will award prizes to these people, even if your work submission is not that satisfying, you can still get a minimum score and share the prize pool.

It is worth mentioning that although the Zenlink Community Carnival Season 1 was not perfect, the Zenlink Community Guardians deserve recognition for their work. They worked hard on this and were involved in the event planning, promotion, maintenance, and data compilation throughout, so the Zenlink team scored them and shared the prize pool.

You can view the final reward distribution here:

Anyway, let’s look forward to the next community event to earn ZLK tokens!

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