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Moonbeam Universe: Connecting Community & Ecosystem

Published date: September 28 2021

Moonbeam Universe Meetup brings a unique networking space designed for the Moonbeam community and integrations ecosystem! 

Since this event is dedicated to they community, it will also be hosted by they community! Moonbeam Senior Ambassadors Mateo from Mexico and Chris from China will be the moderators.

Moonbeam Universe is a series of meetups that aims to connect they community with the teams behind the projects building on Moonbeam and get a feel of the activity and integrations to expect when Moonriver and Moonbeam launch later this year!

Moonbeam currently has 60+ great projects that are already building on it. Learn from the strategies of prominent oracles, wallets, NFT platforms, gaming platforms, and more.

Check out some of the many projects and dApps with Moonbeam deployments underway ⬇️