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DotmarketCap 'Learn & Earn' with SubSocial Recap

Published date: April 5 2021

Dotmarketcap is very excited to introduce our new Learn & Earn series, which aims to increase the knowledge of users about different projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. The first project to participate in our Learn & Earn was SubSocial - an open platform for decentralized social networks and marketplaces. 50 lucky users have earned up to 20 $SMN. We hope you enjoyed learning about SMN this week. In case you missed out, here's a summary of what we have covered. 

1. Introducing Subsocial Network 

Subsocial Network is an open platform allowing people to launch their own decentralized censorship-resistant social networks and marketplaces. With SubSocial, you can create your own decentralized version of the current social networking sites.

Using the Substrate blockchain framework and IPFS for decentralized file storage, Subsocial allows users to get access to decentralized news feed and notifications, transparent reputation, full text searching, rich content formats, without sacrificing SEO.

Subsocial contains the blocks such as the spaces, posts, comments, likes, & follows, which are familiar to every social media platform’s users. All posts and spaces are associated with public key pairs so that all content can be correctly attributed to the posts author/owner

On Subsocial, users are the owners of the network and can govern each space where they are members. It is like a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where members can have ownership and decide the way that a space is governed.

The technologies of SubSocial enable users to retain the ownership of their data. They can publicize and monetize their content without being relied on by other third parties. The login credentials are stored on users’ devices, not in a centralized database.

Subsocial allows communities to create their own space on top of the Subsocial parachain, and all communities share the same underlying blockchain. This will create shared network effects, which allows users to seamlessly join any community on Subsocial.

In the Polkadot ecosystem, one parachain can trustlessly interact with another, which means it will be possible to use any token on Polkadot to make payments on Subsocial. Subsocial supports the Polkadot{.js} extension, which allows for easy key management in the browser or, in the future, an offline vault via Parity Signer.

Try SubSocial to experience the new social network on the Polkadot ecosystem right now. 

2. Tech Explain

Subsocial is more than a blogging platform with crypto payments. It is a revolution in connecting social media with decentralized finance.

The main building blocks of Subsocial are the spaces, posts, comments, likes, and follows. All posts and spaces will be associated with public key pairs, which makes content be correctly attributed to the author/owner.

Read more in SubSocial’s  Light Paper:

3. Updating new features

Dappforce announced they have released new features for SubSocial including endless scroll for posts and spaces with sorting by likes, comments, followers by using Hydra - A substrate query node framework of Joystream. 

Try new features at

4. Summary

DotMarketCap has completed the "Learn & Earn" Series 1 with SubSocial , with the results summarized below:

 • 1000 total participants.

 • 768  people finished the quiz.

 • 50  lucky people received  20 $SMN each.

A list of lucky winners can be found in this article

Learn more about SubSocial at