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Zenlink SlotVault Contributes 15,700 KSM to the Parachain Slots Auction on Its First Day of Launch…

Published date: September 9 2021

Zenlink SlotVault Contributes 15,700 KSM to the Parachain Slots Auction on Its First Day of Launch | Zenlink Monthly Updates (Aug 2021)

In August, Zenlink has entered the final development stage before the product launch. At present, the Zenlink team has completed the establishment of “Zenlink Staking system” and the development of “Zenlink staking mining smart contract”. In the aspect of DEX DApp, it has completed a series of functions, such as invitation points, staking mining, transaction mining, cross-chain transfer KSM, liquidity pool, and asset history chart.

Zenlink SlotVault was also officially launched on August 31, with the first batch of support projects including Manta Network/Clover Finance/ChainX/Crust Network, which contributed 15,700 KSM to the parachain slots auction on its first day of launch.

The following are the details of this monthly updates:

Technology/product progress

Notes: Zenlink mainly consists of two core parts: Zenlink DEX Protocol and DApp. Zenlink Protocol will implement a simple, highly versatile and pluggable DEX Module, which can enable parachains to access DEX capabilities after the Module is deployed on the parachain in a plug-and-pull manner; at the same time, we will also create an efficient DEX dedicated cross-chain protocol to realize the liquidity sharing between the DEX Module on different parachains.

Zenlink DApp is a front-end interactive product based on Zenlink DEX Protocol to facilitate users to use cross-chain DEX without awareness.

SlotVault is a decentralized PLO support application built by Zenlink, which is designed to provide support for Zenlink related partners to bid for parachain slots.

DEX Protocol

  • Complete the establishment of “Zenlink staking system”, which includes the main functions of liquidity mining and staking management mining. The initial staking contract based on EVM has been completed.
  • Complete the development of “Zenlink staking mining smart contract”. In view of the problems such as head-grabbing mines that often occur in Polkadot ecosystem, Zenlink team has designed a set of fairer mechanisms to balance the benefits of all parties, so that everyone can get the maximum benefits while growing together with Zenlink.
  • Complete the integration of orml-currency into Zenlink DEX Module. Orml-currency is a set of parachain asset management module officially developed by Polkadot. After integrating this module, Zenlink has greatly improved its adaptability.
  • Improve the access rights management function of EVM contracts. In the event of an extreme situation, Zenlink can suspend some of the functions of Zenlink DEX (exchange, add and remove liquidity, etc.) at any time to protect the security of users’ assets.


  • Complete the “Zenlink invitation points” function. Users can generate their own “invitation code” to invite friends to participate in the use of Zenlink DEX DApp and can give themselves points rewards.
  • Complete the “Zenlink staking mining” function. The Zenlink team has completed the development of the “Zenlink staking mining smart contract”, in which users can obtain long-term and stable returns by staking “LP Token obtained by providing liquidity” or “specific assets”.
  • Complete the “Zenlink transaction mining” function. We will start “transaction mining” activities from time to time, and users will gain equity values by trading specific transaction pairs, and eventually split up the total bonus pool.
  • Complete the “cross-chain transfer KSM” function. Users can directly complete the KSM transfer between the relay chain and the parachain in DEX DApp and then participate in the DeFi ecology of each parachain.
  • Completes the “liquidity pool and asset history chart” function, which will show users the history of all liquidity pools and assets in Zenlink DEX, including data such as TVL and trading volume, providing accurate data support for users to allocate assets.
  • Optimization of price history chart performance has been completed, reducing the amount of rendering computation to 1/5 of the original.
  • Using JSBI instead of BigNumber, which optimizes the low-level way of front-end mathematical operations and ensures the accuracy of large values.


Ecoloical cooperation progress

  • Zenlink is listed in Bifrost’s PLO and Parachain start-up process roadmap.
  • Zenlink reaches strategic partnership with Manta Network, both parties will explore the field of “DeFi+Privacy” and develop a DEX with privacy protection, providing practical use cases for “Polka DeFi Composability.”

Community/promotion progress

Community building progress

  • On August 6, Zenlink released Zenlink Wiki and announced the launch of ZLK airdrop record query section to collect user addresses that participated in our early activities. View details through the Twitter thread:
  • On August 9, Zenlink officially announced the 2nd Batch Initial Governance Board Members of ZenlinkDAO, of which Polkadot News, PolkaProject, and TRGC joined.
  • On August 19, Zenlink announced the official launch of the first season of Zenlink Community contribution Carnival. Community members can submit any proof of contribution related to Zenlink to win awards. Participants will submit a form for registration before August 25. A total of 6000 + points have been received by the end of the registration.
  • On August 19, blockchain / DeFi writer Ged Alexander published the article “DEX on Polkadot? Here are 4 projects to Consider” on Hacker Noon, a world-renowned aggregator of high-quality blockchain news and in-depth analysis, which briefly analyzes the characteristics, highlights and similarities, and differences between Zenlink and the other three Polkadot ecological DEX projects.
  • On August 31, Zenlink SlotVault DApp was officially launched. On its first day of launch, the public loan amount of participating in the parachain slots auction through SlotVault reached 15,700 KSM. Click here to view the SlotVault operation tutorial.

Event Branding

  • On August 6, Guo Tao, head of Zenlink China, joined an AMA hosted by HappBlock and shared with the community the latest progress of Zenlink and strategies for the future on the theme: “Frist Batch of Kusama Parachains Unveiled, How is Zenlink, the Polkadot DEX Composable Hub Plotting the Course?”.
  • On August 28, Guo Tao, head of Zenlink China, was invited to participate in the Polkadot&friends Meetup in Shenzhen co-sponsored by Polkadot, Web3 Foundation, and Polkaworld, and expressed his views on the round-table theme of “The past, present, and future of interoperability “.

Learn more about Zenlink

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